LinkUp is the #1 Modern Directory and Advertising Mobile App for Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Directory Listing

Modern, Colorful, Social Network Integration, Interactive.

Small Business and Skilled Professionals look-up promotes persons with unique, hard to find skill sets such as: Carpenters, Electricians, Photographers, Mechanics etc; as well as those promising small businesses in SVG that have products and services we all would love when we discover them on LinkUp.

Listings on LinkUp will give an overview of the products and services offered, available hours, contact number and email, business logo and pictures from the business, the ability to leave comments, and the convenience of looking up their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts all within the LinkUp app.

We want to make it easy for you to LinkUP!


Revolutionized, Engaging, Direct,

Advertising on LinkUp is truly an innovation that uses proven success factors and technology discovered over the years to allow the Businesses on the app to advertise their Deals and Discounts, Restaurants to display and engage users with their Menus, Event Promoters to reach and remind users of upcoming Events all without bombarding the user with constant popups and notifications.

With LinkUp our users are in control of what they see and business can also be comforted that their advertising dollar reaches the right audience who are eager to do business with them.

Everyone Benefits with #LinkUp!

The LinkUp Team

LinkUp was launched in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in March of 2017 by two Vincentians – Anthony and Kenna Questelles-George.

LinkUp is the product of two passions being merged to solve problems and inconveniences experienced by many vincentians, especially Anthony and Kenna. Anthony, an IT professional, often wondered for 2 years why there wasn’t a service that allowed skilled workers such as carpenters, electricians and the like, to be found faster than calling around to friends and family. Kenna, a business professional, on the other hand often highlighted other shortcomings of products and services that can be improved with a touch of innovative technologies.

So, for 2 years, the concepts and design for LinkUp were slowly in the making. We spoke with other persons and businesses to find out if they shared some of the everyday problems we had and often left with different concepts and ideas on how to solve these real inconveniences. On March 23rd and 30th respectively, LinkUp was revealed to the public of SVG via a radio interview on Xtreme 104.3 FM and a media launch along with the NTRC’s Vincy Prices App at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Conference Room.

What We Do At LinkUp

Anthony George

As the Marketing Manager, Website and App Developer of LinkUp, I believe that I have the most fun task of developing and implementing the new features and content, as given by the Creative Manager, into something tangible that society can play with and enjoy on the LinkUp platforms. Cheers!

Kenna Questelles-George

As the Administrative and Creative Manager of LinkUp, I always enjoy finding new and innovative ways of solving obvious but often overlooked problems. I ensure that with every new product or service offered by LinkUp, Everyone Benefits!

Our Mission

We have always been advocates of local businesses. Local businesses though small in size have a stake in our community. They represent the talent, ideas and intelligence of Vincentian individuals – you and I, unique in our very own way with a drive to succeed and contribute to society. We believe a strong culture of buying locally and employing locals is the foundation of a sustainable and productive economy.

LinkUp is an initiative which endeavors to stimulate growth within Saint Vincent and the Grenadines by placing local skilled persons and unique businesses at the finger tips of all Vincentians which also empowers them to acquire new customers, increase sales and to reward loyalty.

Our Vision

Beyond what LinkUp already is, we are working along with many restaurants to make LinkUp the only app needed to order food at any restaurant in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. In addition to this, we are finalizing our plans to include a loyalty points system within LinkUp for businesses to reward their frequent customers.

We envision and are working towards making LinkUp more than just an app that will prepare SVG for the future and tourism in a more enriched form. LinkUp will soon be working along with the many small and medium sized businesses that we come into contact with everyday to organize frequent ‘Mixer’ events, where business owners in complementary industries and sectors would be able to meet together to propose and discuss possible solutions to the problems impacting their business and sector.

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