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Free registration and *one free listing* on the LinkUp Directory app for Saint Vincent. Get your skills or business found!


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Updating your listing information is $10 for each category you would like to update.
Every business needs to be found, but not every business needs their own app or even a website! Most customers today do not like searching for every business they want products or services from on Google and Facebook among the thousands of other international business names out there.

Furthermore building and maintaining an app or website is not cheap or easy to do. In the end, all you as the business want is for new and frequent customers to find you and your products.

We at LinkUp realized this issue and sort to benefit both the user and the business by creating a platform for SVG where Skilled Professional and small Business can be found faster! In addition to this, mobile apps allow us to do direct and measurable marketing to the users of our app, so you know the value of every dollar spent advertising with us.

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Google Map Presence

Free Google Map listing of your business if it has a physical operating address. Get more walk in customers with LinkUp!


yes, free!
St.Vincent and the Grenadines is a small country, but believe it or not, we as locals find it difficult sometimes to give and to follow directions to find a particular business place or venue.

At LinkUp we want to solve this problem for good. We have worked hard to become a Google Guide (Level 4/5) with the ability to add business that are missing from Google Maps in a matter of minutes for the world to find them.

LinkUp then uses the information from Google Maps in our app to give turn by turn directions to locals and tourist alike, guiding them to the doorstep of your business or organisation. Further more, businesses within linkup are automatically reshuffled often to show the user which business is closest to them in a particular category.

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Restaurant Menu Circular

Let your customers know what your Restaurant/ Food Outlet is serving daily. Boost everyone’s appetite for your dishes!

Food Ordering system coming soon!


Under Review
Many Restaurants and Food outlets pride themselves in having a well balanced menu that they know everyone would find something delightful to eat. However, your first challenge is to bring the customers to your restaurant to view your paper or digital menu! Besides, the best way to get hungry people coming to you is to work on their appetite with pictures of food!

LinkUp wants to make life easier for both the Restaurant who wants hungry customers, and the customers who want to save time during their lunch hour finding tasty food.

Restaurants can have their changing menus listed on LinkUp each day for users to see what they want to eat.
This is by far our best advertising package because users can review each menu item, see picture, ingredients and price where ever they are on the LinkUp app. In addition we will send out 2 notifications a day to boost our user’s appetite for breakfast and lunch, inviting them to view your menu.

In the near future, we will be implementing a food ordering system to help reduce the waiting lines at restaurants!

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Measurable Advertising

Attract more paying customers to you by offering irresistible deals via our discount coupons. This form of advertising is targeted and allows the business to get more value for their advertising dollar.

Loyalty reward system coming soon!


Under Review

In today’s society, only businesses that can afford to advertise will survive – period. Advertising is no longer an optional expense for small and large businesses. You may have great products or services but if no one knows about them it will be a total waste of your investments.

However, most businesses fear to advertise because of:

  1. The high cost of advertising on all known mediums (example: Radio, TV, Newspaper) and
  2. A high level of uncertainty that the AD will reach its intended audience and increase sales/ profitability (example: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google Ad-sense etc.)

At LinkUp we believe we have the perfect solution for almost every business to advertise effectively. Within our mobile app, Businesses can offer discount coupons to the users of the app – (you choose how much $ or % off, how long the coupon is valid for and how many are available to redeem). Everyone loves discounts right? Well…..not everyone may be interested in your advertise product/ service when you advertise. The good thing is, they will be seeing your business name and the services you offer in the DEALS section of the app – FREE to you! Later on, that said user may remember your name and contact you from the Directory section of the app.

What you do pay for is when an interested user comes across your deal and Claims a Coupon. At this point, LinkUp only charges a small amount for each coupon claimed. This says that the user saw your Ad and has intentions of taking advantage of your discount by coming into your store or contacting you for your services. Once they visit, they will have to show you either a bar code that will be generated in the app under your deal (to be scanned into your system) or a simple image with any message that you have chosen. This proves to the business that this customer is a direct result of your Ad on LinkUp!

Soon we will be introducing a loyalty reward system within LinkUp for each individual business. Keep your customers coming!

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Event Listing

Do you have an event? Ensure everyone knows about it! We list charity events for free and paid event publications are very affordable!

Online ticket purchasing coming soon!


Under Review
Over the past few years we have been having s steady increase and frequency of quality events. These include sporting events, exhibitions, Plays, organized family activities and parties. A direct consequence of this increase is that its becoming harder for promoters to reach their targeted audience more effectively and have to be spending a fortune advertising their events to outshine the others.

With this package, free events will be listed on LinkUp for free. Paid events can get an extra boost in reaching their targeted audience directly. We will post the event poster on our social media pages and send out 2 reminder notification to users, ideally a few days before and a few hours before the event to remind them to attend. In addition to this, event promoters will have less headaches giving directions to the venue of the event as LinkUp can give turn by turn directions.

In the near future you will be able sell tickets for your events through LinkUp! Go digital to save money and time printing and distributing physical tickets!

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