Updated on 17/Sep/2017

Privacy Statement

At LinkUp we collect the information that you give to us when you register for our Directory and when you create a user account.
The information collected during registration is verified before it is made available for all users to view. We do not share this information outside of LinkUp and outside of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.
The information app users give when they sign up for a linkup account are not editable by linkup admins or is shared outside of LinkUp. Users have total control over their app identity and can update or remove information about themselves that they do not wish to be shown.

Terms of Use


Businesses and skilled persons who sign up to have their information listed on LinkUp accepts that the information given and verified will be shared with all persons and entities that download and use LinkUp. We hope these information including real names in some instances and personal phone numbers will be used for the sole purpose of doing business. We do not accept responsibility for the misuse and abuse of such information especially if it results in any legal actions being taken. Businesses and skilled persons have the ability to request that their information be removed or updated as they see fit (updated at a cost of EC$10 – one time, removed for free). We also do not accept responsibility for any misuse of information that was given incorrectly since we call and go through a verification process before a listing is approved to be on the app.

 Users of LinkUp, while we try to find quality skilled persons and businesses and go through a verification process to determine the legitimacy of their practice, please accept and understand that people may change in an instant. As such, we accept no responsibility for any dissatisfactory services given by any of the individuals and businesses listed on LinkUp. We are only a medium to help you find these persons. We strongly advise that you do your own verification and background checks before hiring or giving money or entrusting your person and possession to anyone you may come into contact with on LinkUp.


Deals given on LinkUp are offered by various businesses and individuals that are registered in the directory section of the app. LinkUp is not responsible for fulfilling the promises, discounts or deals offered in the coupons. Also please note that these businesses or individuals offer a limited number of coupons that will expire after a certain time. Please read the instructions carefully on how to redeem each coupon offered as the expiration time and value will vary. LinkUp or the business or individual offering the deals are not responsible to honor the coupon if you fail to comply or note these information.
PLEASE NOTE: COUPONS CLAIMED MUST ONLY BE REDEEMED (SWIPE TO REDEEM) IN FRONT OF THE CASHIER OR INDIVIDUAL OFFERING THE COUPONS. The Individual or business reserves the right and option to not honor a coupon that is already displaying the bar code or image chosen if it is not redeemed (swipe to redeem) in front of them. This is to prevent persons coming on multiple occasions or visiting another branch of the business to benefit from the same coupon.


Menus are offered by various restaurants and food outlets for users of LinkUp to see pictures, ingredients/ overview and price. Please note however that the pictures shown can be a stock photo taken at the restaurant at some point in the past. All meals eaten will not look exactly as portrayed in the picture but should have some resemblance to them.
The description of each plate by each restaurant may not always have the same template. Some restaurants may choose to list each ingredient while others may choose to give a general overview of what the dish entail. Please inquire if you have any allergic reactions to certain foods as we at LinkUp or the Restaurants will not be held responsible for any health complications that may result from one ingesting food that contains an allergen. Please protect yourself and ask.
Prices listed in the menus were deemed true and correct at the time they were listed. It is the responsibility of the Restaurants to state their new prices if they were updated. LinkUp accepts no responsibility to compensate or split the bill for food ordered or taken using incorrect prices listed.

We apologize for any inconveniences caused from such. We recommend that you contact the restaurants or verify with them before purchasing.


 The venue, times and prices shown for events listed on LinkUp were deemed true and accurate at the time of their listing. While we may try to update our information ASAP if there are changes, we accept no responsibility for inconveniences caused from this change of venue, time and prices. We strongly advise that you turn on the Events Notification setting to stay informed of any changes to events that you were interested in attending.

User Options

At LinkUp we believe freedom is power and we think Vincentians are very powerful people. On this same note we get fed-up very fast and annoyed with spam even faster.

We have taken the initiative to offer users of LinkUp the ability to control their profile on LinkUP – Your profile picture, your name, your Bio and other relevant information you would like to be known. We have also made it easy for you save and revisit your favorite PLACES, DEALS, and EVENTS.
Our greatest feat however was to give LinkUp users the power to choose what they get notified about. We are strong advocates against spamming and sending of annoying unwelcome messages. Please visit the more section of the app to turn off or on the notifications for categories that you may be interested in.


We hope you understand why we have taken the stance we did on the above points of concern. These steps and stance are necessary to keep LinkUp alive and legally safe so that we can effectively and professionally perform our job in helping people find what they are looking for in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.
Thank you for using LinkUp!LinkUp Team